Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dirty Santa

We hosted our 2nd annual Dirty Santa Party this year. It was on Saturday, December 18th. We were pleasantly surprised that almost everyone we invited was able to make it!

The food:

We had three dips (bruschetta, white bean, and Italian layer) with salad, bread sticks, spaghetti with marinara and meatballs. For desert, there was shortbread jam cookies, key lime cheese ball and Mississippi mud cake.

The Bar: 

The Party: 





It was so much fun. Lots of laughs, three shake weights, a giant gummy bear, a bottle of vodka, and a brownie pan. I really wanted that brownie pan. Roopali stole it from Nelson and I stole it from her. Then at the last minute, Linda stole it from me. Darn her! Oh well, I got one later from my mom for Christmas, so no worries. I can't wait to see what next years party brings!

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